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Addiction and Mental Health
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Visualize Change

The Whole Person approach to Substance Abuse Treatment

At Visualize Change, we offer help to everyone who is impacted by addiction or alcoholism. Our philosophy is different. We don’t just sit and talk- we inform, illuminate, and empower clients to use the inner strength they already possess to find real and enduring recovery. Through individual therapy, group therapy and individualized treatment plans, we customize the path to recovery and a lifestyle free from substance abuse. Our approach, which includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy, helps clients discover the determination and fortitude within themselves to achieve their goals.

We Treat the Whole Person,

Not Just the Addiction

At Visualize Change, we understand that addiction does not occur in a vacuum. Family dynamics, relationships, employment, and mental health all play a role in the struggles and triumphs of the person struggling with substance abuse. That’s why we treat the whole person, addressing every aspect of the client’s life and situation that positively or negatively impacts their recovery.

To Overcome Addiction

You Must Understand It

At Visualize Change, our focus is educating the person struggling with addiction, because in order to overcome addiction, you must understand how it affects the body. When someone knows what is happening in their brain and body to trigger cravings, they can better arm themselves with the tools to fight them, tools that they will use for the rest of their recovery journey.

Mental Health and Recovery

Go Hand in Hand

Mental health and recovery from substance abuse go hand in hand. Mental health struggles often contribute to addictive behaviors, especially when substances are used to self medicate. We address mental health concerns alongside substance abuse, because the proper treatment helps to avoid relapse and leads to lasting recovery.

Current Trends

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What Is Xylazine? The Animal Tranquilizer That Makes Fentanyl Even Deadlier

The White House on Wednesday designated fentanyl laced with an animal tranquilizer called xylazine as an “emerging threat,”

Substance Abuse Treatment

Commercial Insurance and Medical Assistance Accepted

The client participates in one 45 to 50 minute individual therapy session and one 2 hour group therapy session per week, gaining the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for recovery from substance abuse.

The client participates in one or two 45 to 50 minute individual therapy sessions and three 2 hour group therapy sessions per week, providing an even greater level of support and guidance through the recovery process.

Individual therapy gives the client the opportunity to explore mental health concerns and work to better understand their role in addiction. By being able to identify any emotional triggers or underlying issues that may lead to relapse, the person struggling with addiction can learn how to manage them more effectively.  Individual therapy provides an empathetic and supportive space to process the challenges of recovery, give insight into behaviors and teach healthier coping mechanisms.

During group therapy sessions, clients explore topics like the biology of addiction, relapse prevention, and how anxiety and depression impact addiction and recovery.  Counselor-led discussions encourage peers to share thoughts, struggles, and ideas.  Much more than just a support group, group therapy sessions teach clients how addiction works and its effects on the body.  They learn real skills and coping strategies to aid in the recovery process.  All groups meet via Telehealth.

Because addiction affects more than just the individual, family therapy involves the client’s support system, giving guidance, support, and education to family members.  Family involvement greatly increases the success rate of treatment and the individual’s overall recovery.

One of the first steps toward freedom from substance abuse  is determining what level of care or services someone will need.  Every person is unique, and one person’s journey may not be the same as another’s.  A Drug and Alcohol Assessment will identify the resources necessary to get the client on the road to recovery. 

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